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Luger Tactical is a leading manufacturer for American tactical apparel and equipment which are designed for professionals who dedicate their lives to shield and serve the nation. These are ideally suited for officials serving in the army, military, police, navy, and the firefighting squad, for maximum reliability. Tactical apparel and equipment are also useful to hikers, hunters and campers to sustain in any weather and across any terrain. American tactical apparel and equipment are tough and dependable, engineered for agility and mobility in any environment. They pump in confidence and prepare you for any challenge.

Some underlying advantages are:

  • We offer unrivalled options of apparel, gear and equipment to safeguard the mission undertaken.

  • American tactical apparel for armed forces is made with 100% cotton fabric which is stretchable and breathable for maximum comfort and allows free movement.

  • The fabric is sweat absorbent which keeps you dry and aired.

  • Their colorfast quality adds to the reliability factor of the apparel and helps resist fading.

  • The versatility and adaptability of the entire range enhances the performance of the people wearing these.

  • The apparel collection consists of pants, shirts, graphic tees, shorts, outerwear and the base layer. Fitness gear is also manufactured to aid extreme workout and training sessions.

A broad range of American tactical equipment and accessories are designed according to the user specifications for matchless durability. The website shares an in-exhaustive list including backpacks, hats, gloves, flashlights, knives, watches, belts, eye-wear, gun/pistol holsters, ballistic armor, etc. The products sold have multi-functional utility in all accessories to excel in given tasks and actions. You will find a wide array of tactical footwear consisting of boots that are solid and rigid, yet comfortable with high potential to rough out on rugged grounds all day long. 

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